UPDATE! Morningside Players Theater Co. is delighted to announce we will be presenting a production of NEXT FALL by Geoffrey Nauffts

Morningside Players Theater Co. is delighted to announce
we will be presenting a production of

NEXT FALL by Geoffrey Nauffts from Jan 23 rd to Feb. 11,

Auditions listed shortly or please email us at


Next Fall by Geoffrey Nauffts

Morningside Players Theater Co. PRODUCTION INFO

Director Jim Fredericks

Set Noel Brooks
Lighting Emmett Cleaver
Costumes Chloe Niemann
Producers for MPTC Susanna Frazer, Bridget Leicester
Graphic Design Janet Levy
AEA Approved Showcase 500 AEA. stipend to each actor. 14 performances.
Run Jan 23 th  to Feb. 11, 2024
Rehearsals begin Dec. 28 th , 2023 (mostly eves and weekends but some flexibility)

THE STORY: Geoffrey Nauffts’ NEXT FALL takes a witty and provocative look at faith,
commitment and unconditional love. While the play’s central story focuses on the five-year
relationship between Adam and Luke, NEXT FALL goes beyond a typical love story. This
timely and compelling new American play forces us all to examine what it means to “believe”
and what it might cost us not to.
“The funniest heartbreaker in town! NEXT FALL embodies something theatergoers have been
sorely missing, perhaps without knowing it, for years. A smart, sensitive, immensely appealing
and utterly contemporary New York comedy.” —The New York Times.

“★★★★★. The best new American play of the Broadway season, NEXT FALL leaves you
thinking about rapture and rupture. If you go, which you should, be prepared to laugh some,
perhaps to cry some, and then to rise in appreciation.” —Time Out New York.
“Compassionate, laugh-filled and enormously entertaining. Geoffrey Nauffts invests the play
with a generosity that doesn’t prejudge, embracing both the virtues and foibles of his characters.
And that inclusion makes NEXT FALL an even richer experience.” —Associated Press.
“A daring new drama.” —Entertainment Weekly.

“Deeply moving and surprisingly funny. Geoffrey Nauffts reveals a talent for sharp comic
dialogue. He draws all his characters with surprising depth.” —The Hollywood Reporter.
Morningside Players Theater Co is a highly regarded, AUDELCO award winning theater
company in Morningside Heights, Manhattan. The co. now receives grants from Columbia
Community Service, West Harlem, Development Corp., and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.

Adam -mid 40’s, substitute teacher, partner of Luke, a non-believer-, adrift…
Luke – 30, aspiring actor, lover of Adam, a Christian
Holly – 30’s, their friend, runs a candle shop
Brandon – 30’s – a property developer, gay, friend of Luke
Arlene – 50’s a southern divorcee, loose cannon and Luke’s mother
Butch – 50’s a conservative business man, Luke’s father (cast)